Hand grinding for edging and smaller projects


As you are probably aware, the prep is the most crucial part of any installation project. In most cases, this begins with a mechanical grind of the concrete surface in order to create a clean and porous surface for the first coat. All of our equipment is connected to high-end pulse vacuum systems that capture the vast majority of dust created. Once prepped, with a standard coating system, we prefer to use an epoxy base coat with a urethane or polyaspartic topcoat. You will hear some discussion in the industry of a 1 day system that utilizes multiple coats of a polyaspartic (or similar) coating.

You will also see "this is not epoxy"! We have the 1 day technology. It is not space age science and it was NOT on the space shuttle. We simply prefer the adhesion advantages of a slow dry penetrating epoxy primer that will dig deeper into the concrete surface. The wear layer we use is pretty standard for the industry and is quite durable. Our system results in a 2 day process for most residential projects, but we believe it offers the end user a better system for the same price. So, if you want the fastest installation in the market, we are probably not the choice. If you want a quality job at a fair price, please consider giving us a call. 

Concrete Prep - Dust contained grinding

Installation via squeegee and rollers

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